Advanced Scientific Way Of Cleaning Of Water Tanks



We advice to the Customer to keep Water Level up to one feet inside the Water Tank. First our trained workers all dirty water pumping throw out side the drain chamber


Thenafter our trained workers Spraying of Bleaching Powders and Scrubbing Well inside, outside the all walls of the Wanter Tank.


Next we clean the interior and exterior part of the Tanks with Advanced Imported (German) High Pressure Machine.


Cleaning Includes all inside corner of the Water Tank including difficult slabs Portion.


Then we are lifting all the dirty Water from Water Tank to the outside the Drainage and cleaned out Water Tank neatly.


Thenafter we give a Spray of Standard Anti Fungal( approved) Liquid with the help of High Pressure Machine for disinfected Water Tank.

Fresh Water

And again Water Tank clean with help of High Pressure Machine's fresh Water and water tank dry with vaccum cleaner .


Then we are inserting the Ultra Violet Light for few minutes for killing Bacteria and afterwards taking it back.


We then fill it with clean Water and add Potassium Permagnet or Medicholor so that the Water in the Water Tank remains and Germ-Free.


Now Water of the Water Tank is Hygienically ready for drinking purpose.
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